E-commerce Application

Webased admin portal and customer portal I Hybrid Mobile application

"Most of the people use their mobile phone to buy products online"

Our ecommerce application is very much user friendly, mobile responsive and connected to mobile application.

Property Management system

"No more mistakes in in your monthly invoice and over all report"

We have cloud-based property management system, which improves the communication between management, property owner and tenant.

  • One click to create all the utility bills.
  • Sending bulk monthly invoices by email and whatsapp.
  • Reduce 75% of paper usage
  • Access to data anywhere anytime

Inventory Management and POS

"Minimise inventory costs and maximize sales & profits"

"Web based system gives you feel of windows based application"

  • Achieve efficiency and productivity in operations.
  • Integrate your entire business including multiple branches
  • Automation of manual tasks
  • Maintain customer happiness

Saloon Management

Did you know?

Online booking can increase the frequency

of saloon client visits by 25%.

Our web based Saloon management program makes saloon client to feel more personalize your services.

  • Easy Scheduling Ability
  • Salon Point of Sale
  • Automated Confirmations
  • Mobile Access (Responsive and APP)
  • Inventory Management
  • CRM
  • Promotion and Loyalty.


Working with customers can be a challenging task. Maintaining the customers contacts, following up the customers call and finding new opportunities can feel like heavy load for customer relation team. CRM software can carry a lot of that workload for business and sales processes.


We provide customized ERP which gives varieties of key functions that can be integrated by each division of your organization.

ERP Software Development provides the different range of major functions which integrate every department of a business to give the real-time data.


HRM software is designed to automate human resource business processes, transactions, payroll, and compliance. The documentation covers different modules that are existing available in the HR Management system.

Hotel Management System

Over all system modules are depicted as shown in below

Restaurant Management system

Key feature of our web-based Restaurant Management System is connecting and managing the reports from multiple branches at anywhere any time. Super admin will have complete control of entire system. Our system provides customization on creating new branches and setting up the entire business though a user-friendly interface.

Our application is mobile responsive so that you can use it in mobile phone and tablets. These feature allow the waiters to input and track the orders using mobile devices.

The Objectives of our program are:

  • Providing an easy interface for all types of users (ADMIN, MANAGER, SUPERVISOR, WEIGHTER, CHEF AND CUSTOMER).
  • Providing access to admin to use the program from ANYWHERE and ANYTIME
  • Monitoring the Inventory, Sales, Kitchen performance, POS from single dashboard
  • Connecting Multiple branches together
  • Efficient kitchen management
  • Enhance the relationship with customer through CRM
  • Manage the employees through HRM

Textiles and Garments

Our customised textile and garments software cover the entire business flow garment sector. It helps you increase the productivity and sales operation.