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About Horizon Tech Solutions

PT Horizon Tech Solutions Indonesia is a leading software development company in Jakarta, Indonesia. PT Horizon TSI provides software development support for secure, high-performance, web-based and mobile applications. We have also established our services in India, Malaysia and Singapore. Now we are expanding our wings to Indonesia. We have our dedicated marketing and technical support team in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Using cutting edge tools, the team at PT Horizon TSI has so far developed dynamic (database driven) web applications, portals, web sites, high-end data processing engines and web-based reporting software and mobile applications for clients worldwide.


Our solutions are based on the latest software technologies. We make our software reliable and user-friendly. Our team follows standard software development processes and as a result we are able to stick to timelines and schedules of clients.


For start-up / small businesses, as a web site development company, we help create web sites from scratch and help them maintain web presence. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ideas have propelled our clients' sites to top positions in major search engines.

Depending on your needs, PT Horizon TSI provides offshore and onsite software development support at competitive rates with the best-in-class software professionals. As a full service software company, if you Outsource Software Development, PT Horizon Tech Solutions Indonesia can take your business one step further with its web site and application software development capabilities.

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